Welcome to the Rebel Labs project space! Below are some applied research problems I’m thinking about. I’ve tried to cast each as a β€œdeliverable” to give a well-delineated scope, mission, and real-world use case; for more on why I think this is a good idea, see my essay. If you want to know more, or get involved, email me at rebel@heptar.ch.


Existing quantum programming languages do not use natural, high-level algorithmic representations, so they can't facilitate natural, high-level algorithmic reasoning. The goal here would be new algorithmic primitives (permitting, say, interoperability between different computational frameworks) and the corresponding language design.

Details coming soon.


Decentralized money is a cool idea in theory but tends to be slow, expensive and effectively centralized in practice. The goal of this project is to explore the scalability, security, and policy implications of untrusted centralization, i.e. when you don't trust the bank. Can the bank convince you, mathematically, that it's doing what you asked it to do?

Details coming soon.

Invisible Ink

Watermarking the output of large language models is a problem of applied cryptography. This project aims to explore techniques for β€œbackmarking” (implanting watermarks during training) and β€œfrontmarking” (layering watermarks over the output of a trained model). Optimistically, the outcome would be marking pipelines for LLM and diffusion models.

Details coming soon.